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Team DREAMS the Art of Living is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious a civil society organization which promotes equality among the society. It is running by persons with disabilities to ensure the inclusion in the society.

The thirst behind the society is to create mutual understanding and to ensure the oneness among the disabled persons and the counterparts. There is gulf of discrimination among society on the basis of gender, color, cast and creed. It will shun all these inhuman ideas and pave the way towards the inclusive society that will be respecting the persons from all school of thoughts by providing them with an opportunity and space to be united for a better right base society for all.


We provide Independent living skills consists of gaining instruction and mastery of the following areas: health and safety, community resources, meal planning and nutrition, self-advocacy, sexual awareness, Personal Assistant management, household management, recreation and leisure, and money management. The integration and full participation of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of society is the desired outcome.

Account Title: Team DREAMS the Art of Living

Account No. : 0042-1005160967

Bank: Bank Alfalah

IBAN No. : PK94ALFH0042001005160967

Account Type: 1001-Current Account

Currency: PKR.

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Founder President’s Message

We need to accept that “Disability” is natural phenomena on earth from the beginning of mankind that one cannot deny the fact about the largest minority in the world has not given chance to glorify. The only way for Sustainable Development of PWDs person with disabilities is to include them in all walks of life. In order to make PWDs productive and respectful citizen of the country equal opportunities should be provided through Right base approach not pity base with self-respect and dignity..

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